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Statistically, the Tri-Element classes are the best, and any shortcomings they might have can easily be compensated for by their other stats (such as the Ninja class series 's sub-par defense being compensated for with the highest Agility and tied for highest attack) The double elemental classes are elite in Golden Sun. Not only do they have the best stats, but they also have the perfect balance between psynergy versatility and power. Therefore, the best class.. The best class for each character is an opinion. Some people find it easier to defeat enemies using the default classes (only Venus Djinn on a Venus Adept, only Mars Djinn on a Mars Adept, etc.

This class setup will always produce two Pure Mages and two Ronins. These are two of the best classes in the game so that's a good thing. But people looking for class variety will be disappointed... Ronin, Master and Chaos Lord are the better physical damage dealing classes. Pure Mage, Wizard and Necromage are the better casters. Guru, Oracle and Paladin are the better healing classes Ninja, White Mage and Samurai are the game's superclasses due to their combination of high stats and useful abilities. Isaac gets high boosts to attack and speed, coupled with three types of..

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  1. gs they might have can easily be compensated for by their other stats (such as the Ninja class series 's sub-par defense being compensated for with the highest Agility and highest attack)
  2. There are much better classes for an Adept to be in and a much better use for an inventory space. The White Mage and Hermit outperform it in support, while the Brute and Ninja classes have much better physical combat. The Tamer class is very unique, but it comes to bite back
  3. For Golden Sun on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Best Class Combo
  4. 2. Flora (1 Venus, 2 Jupiter), Verschieber, Wirbelwind Zu finden im Bora-Felsen. 3. Megära (1 Mars, 1 Jupiter), Spaten Zu finden in der Höhle von Osenia. 4. Moloch (2 Merkur, 1 Jupiter), Frost, Erdgezitter Zu finden in den Katakomben von Madra. 5
  5. General: Both the Samurai and the Ronin are among the best classes in their respective games, almost entirely due to the Quick Strike Psynergy that is both very powerful and completely reliable
  6. The Ninja Class may be one of the best classes (if not the best) for Jenna (barring high level four Ronin runs) given that she is more caster oriented yet has many of the warrior classes like the Brute or Samurai

Ok guys I have some sick classes here. I don't remember exactly how I got them, but they are soooo cool!!!! Isaac/Felix- Dragon Rider Ps.., Golden Sun: The Lost Age Gameboy Advanc Golden Sun - Kurztipps: Bestes Training, Schwächen der Gegner, Monster und Ausrüstung, Praktische Tipps zu Golden Sun, Wüste von Suhalle und Wald von Mogall The Pilgrim classes (both versions) are one of the more solid Dual-Elemental classes available. The Water version, with the potent Wish, Prism and Volcano families is a force to be reckoned with. The Douse series offers a good intermediate series while waiting for more potent versions of Volcano and Prism to come along, unlike the Hermit which has to sweat it out between long breaks of new Psynergy

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  1. ier: 2 / 7 : Radiant: 1 / 7-8 : Aqua-moine: 3 / 6 : Rôdeur: 6 / 3 : Rôdeu
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  3. The Lost Age generally received positive reviews, but critics were divided on whether or not the game was better than the original Golden Sun. On Metacritic, The Lost Age has an 86% aggregate rating, compared to Golden Sun's 91%. Likewise, GameRankings gives The Lost Age an 87% overall rating, slightly lower than Golden Sun's 90%
  4. For me, Golden Sun isn't Golden Sun without the classes. Have fun! level 2. Original Poster 6 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago. It has suggestions to spice it up throughout the game further down the page. Wow! This is just what it wanted, thank you very much! I didn't know about these guides. Other guides focus just in the end-game djinn combination, and this is perfect. It's very.
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  6. Role-playing video game. Mode (s) Single player, 2 players via Game Link Cable. Golden Sun is a 2001 Japanese role-playing video game developed by Camelot Software Planning and published by Nintendo. It was released in August 2001 for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, and became the first installment in the Golden Sun series

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age: The Ninja Class may be one of the best classes, if not the best, for Jenna (barring high level four Ronin runs) given that she is more caster oriented yet has many of the warrior classes like the Brute or Samurai. From her mono-elemental Flame User class, she gains a lot more attack, health and agility, while maintaining the same defense and Psynergy Points at the. Golden Sun Review by ThorHighHeelsGame by Camelot / Nintendo for the Gameboy Advance ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Links and all that shit:Twatter: http://tinyurl.co..

Golden Sun: The Lost Age - Class Setup Guide - Game Boy

Highlights Deals Forum Release dates E3 2020 schedule guide Valorant best guns Destiny 2 Season 11 release time. Golden Sun: The Lost Age It's out in the US, so why wait for Nintendo to pluck a. these classes are interesting seeing as they are shared by a melee fighter and a caster for each element.. GOLDEN SUN THE LOST AGE: Ultimate equippment Guide ----- Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Best equippment for Felix 3. Best equippment for Isaac 4. Best equippment for Garet 5. Best. Golden Sun 2 Kurztipps: Lemuria, Namen verändern, Neue Dschinn-Beschwörung, Die Katakomben von Madra, Waffenkauf

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  1. Alles über Golden Sun 2: 2 Artikel, News, Spieletipps Wertung, 1 Beiträge Tipps und Cheats und mehr..
  2. » Golden Sun Editor » Wallpaper » Artworks » Backgrounds GS1 » Backgrounds GS2 » Icones MSN/AIM » Soundtrack » Vidéo » Sauvegardes GS1 » Sauvegardes GS2 » Trucages par : Cristali . Darthange . Crush40 . Yarma . Skywalker » Fan Art » Fan Fic » Dialbox » Chan » Livre d'Or » Awards » Les Webmasters » Les Modérateurs » Remerciements: Certains items dans le jeu permettent de.
  3. » Golden Sun: The Lost Age » Best class Best class. Best clas
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